We are excited to announce that we are starting a book club!

Our goal is to cultivate communion and to create a space to celebrate self-education and healing. We know we are Nature and believe that when we understand and heal ourselves we nourish our home.
Once a month we will read a book related to Mental & Emotional Health, Connection To Nature, Food, Child Education, or Spirituality. We will then have a meeting online and another meeting in person at Retiro Park for those who can make it.
You don't have to live in Madrid to join as we will always hold a monthly virtual meeting for those living in other cities/countries. You also don't have to be a parent to join. If you are a living, breathing human, you belong to a family and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.
The first book we will be reading together for the month of August is What Happened To You? Conversations On Trauma, Resilience, And Healing by Dr. Bruce D Perry and Oprah Winfrey.
To join click the link and buy the book and get reading! We will have our first meeting in September.
The club is free but we do invite people to visit our virtual forest and plant a 2 or 3 euro tree for every meeting. Here is our forest
Happy summer/winter reading!

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